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Magic happens

the energy of color around your business/life

when designing

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About me....

About me....

Understanding your color palette is essential in assisting you in your mood, inspiring in your decision making, and influencing your thinking.

I live and breathe color daily. It has brought me to a place where I finally have the freedom to be me. As a Color Analysts, Inspirational Speaker, Transformation Coach and a Reiki Master. I can make my own decisions, and I am confident in who I am, and want to share with you how it can help you too.


My mission is to guide women in understanding their color palate and coordinating the fifteen energy colors into your business and life. It's magical, energetic, and fun learning your own unique colors.

So let's head on over and start creating your unique color palate for your life and/or business.

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Inspirational Speaker

I love to inspire woman to use what they have, learn from it, and then grow into the person they know they are inn life.

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Color analysts

Designing the energyof color around yourlife and/or business.

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Transitional Coach

Guiding women who is transitioning totheir next chapter in their lives.

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Reiki Master

Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes a

wellbeing in the heart, mind, & soul


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My multiple modalities & experience gives me the ability to see all sides of life to give you the best

possible experience.

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with your







your true self

It's all about you

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guiding yourself

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In your daily living and/or business

Find the right logo for your life/business

Using the words that correspond with each color

You are unique!

from your fingerprints, to the type of skin, to your hair

It's all energetic! You are you!

Did you know your unique colors will help you:

With your own personal color story to keep you encouraged

How will this come together?

I will personally attune you to your own unique colors!!

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Inspirational Speaker

Contact me to speak at your next

woman's day function.

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Color Analysts

Work 1:1 with me if you're

ready to explore your unique

color code for your business that matches your energy

Transformation Coach
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Work 1:1 with me if you're

ready to move to the next

chapter of your life, and need

a little guidance to be


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I had a color reading by Debbie, and it blew me away and I'm still

watching all of the synchronicities around my color code!

It makes so much sense on so many levels.

For my personal empowerment down to the colors of my brand.

This was sooooo fascinating Debbie, and so on point!

I feel more clear and more intentional about colors now.

That is pure magic!

Thank you Debbie!

xoxo Andrea

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Regarding my color code session with Debbie Chamberlain:

This session was a true journey of discovery and I very much enjoyed learning about the colors that are coded to me. Since I am a Numerologist as well, I was fascinated by the connection between the colors and their numbers. Everything was delivered with so much wisdom and insight. And we had a lot of fun as well.I now use colors with more intention daily, often choosing my clothes according to what is linked to the day. Also plan to tweak my brand colors to bring them into alignment with my own codes. Luckily, I was already close. The energies and vibrations of colors are truly powerful, and I am so glad I learned more about them and how to make them work for me.

Rika Harris


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Unlock Your Potential, Motivational Inspirational Quotes

Debbie Chamberlain is a delightful and energetic

speaker and Bible teacher.

Her presentation at our Women's Banquet

was a highlight of our year's activities.

Debbie presented a clear, interesting,

and well thought out message that was enjoyed

by our women of all ages. She is a blessing!

Deb Robinson, Pastor's Wife

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Motivational and inspirational quote.


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